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SelfDiagnostics produce easy to use and fast medical tests that enable you to perform reliable and initial diagnostics of your health. Like thermometers for measuring body temperature, these tests are your daily companions in identifying early possible complications. Additionally these tests can aid your doctor in prescribing precise treatment.  
Not every infection, allergy or intolerance requires a visit to the doctor. SelfDiagnostics has created unique tests that will help you self-diagnose several health-related daily issues including detection of infectious disease and active family planning control ranging from the detection of genetic profiles to pregnancy tests. Each pack includes a thorough selection of components that are easily performed in a private and confidential environment. Regular testing produces more reliable test results thus allowing a proper assessment of a health condition.
Note: SelfDiagnostics tests should not replace a visit to the doctor. Should you be suffering long-term symptoms or suspect severe complications,
we strongly advise you to contact your doctor.
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